Clermont Woman's Club and J. C. Herndon

In picture is J. C. Herndon presenting the finished baskets
to Ann Banks of the Clermont Woman's Club.

     The Clermont Woman's Club are overjoyed and very grateful for 92 year old J. C. Herndon's generous offer to make 22 custom-made baskets for our annual fashion show scheduled for November 9th, 2013.  

     Each basket he creates is an amazing work of art and are made entirely of recycled wood.  The wood is harvested from floors, ladders, cabinets and old buildings just to name a few of the sources.  Then each piece of wood has to be planed before being cut into squares and cut again at 45 degree angles.  It then has to be sanded and coated with a 2 coats of wood finishing product. J. C. then starts the assembly process.  The smaller baskets contain over 100 pieces and the larger baskets consist of over 280 pieces. 

     Amazingly, J. C. does not use any screws or nails; each piece is hand glued into place to complete these works of art. Mr. Herndon started making these baskets in 1991 and has made well over 1,000 baskets.  He doesn't sell these incredible works of arts but donates them to charities including AMI Kids.  So far, he has completed 15 of the 22 baskets he is donating to the Clermont Woman's Club.  Each basket will then be filled with assorted "treasures" for the fashion show that will be held at Gabby's Gem of the Hills.

     For more information about our upcoming fashion show, please see the flyer below.

Designed by: Mary Joy 'MJ' Wells